Wood Protection

Termite protection for timber flooring, decking timber wood

Anti-termite treatment for your timber supplies (Timber & ceiling battens)

There are multiple forms of wood treatment to prevent termites infestation. Namely soil treatment (pre-construction), corrective treatment (post-construction), trenching / rodding (post-construction) and roof treatment (raw wood). These termite prevention treatments, are usually implemented for landed properties by creating, an in-ground termite barrier. In the case of roof treatments, insecticidal coating helps to protect wood from termites. Most of the time, clients who are seeking anti termite treatment for termite protection, are not aware that owners of HDB flats, apartments and condominiums can have termite prevention treatment as well. Please read on to find out how, non-landed property owners can have protection against termites.

Termite prevention treatment (Chengal wood, Balau wood, Meranti wood, Merbau wood)

For strata landed homes (cluster housing or townhouses), timber roof truss protection (commonly known as anti termite roof treatment) can be carried out. However, it’s important to note that, for optimum absorption of wood treatment chemicals, the roof truss should not be coated with another wood protectant such as paint or varnish.

For HDB flats, apartments and condominiums, the following anti termite protection may be carried out;

  • Carpentry and furniture protection (commonly known as anti termite wood treatment). Such wood protective treatment offers wood furniture protection and can be done, prior to or after installation of the carpentry. However, if the wood treatment spray is done prior to installation, the coverage and effectiveness will be greatly enhanced.

  • Flooring protection (commonly known as anti termite parquet treatment). This is suitable for both varnished or unvarnished parquet. The termite spray for wood will be carried out, using compression sprayer and injected using crack & crevice tip.

Wood treatment spray (Softwood, sawn timber, timber cladding & planks)

For all such wood protection spray, we use a non-odourous and non-repelling termiticidal solution, that has long-term & proven termite protection. Imidacloprid is the active ingredient in our termiticide. It’s one of the most widely used insecticides globally. Since it works via contact and ingestion, any contact or consumption of the treated wood, would lead to the demise of the termites. Imidacloprid works by preventing the transmission of impulses between nerves, causing the termites to paralyse, resulting in an eventual death. Apart from being effective, Imidacloprid also has a good safety profile, basically a category 4 toxicity & a LD50 (Dermal) of more than 4,000mg/kg.

At Pesticon, we stand behind our work. If any re-infestation occurs within the warranty period, we shall perform remedial actions at no additional charge.

Please note that, while the treatments as listed above, may from time to time be useful for protection against drywood termites, they are usually more suitable, for protection against subterranean termites. Due to the lack of penetrative power, surface coatings with termiticides, are less than ideal in controlling drywood termites. Our usual drywood termites treatment, involves drilling into affected panels & injecting foam with good termiticidal qualities.

Wood protective treatment

Hence as you can see, regardless of your property type, there will always be professional measures, that can be done to enhance your protection against termites. If you have not moved in and is still searching for your BTO carpentry package and carpenter in Singapore, let us know in advance. Once you have confirmed your carpenter, we will be able to liaise with them directly, to ensure a hassle-free and pleasant experience for you.

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