Bed Bug Steamer

Bed Bug Steamer Singapore (Cimex Eradicator)

One of the most effective bed bug steamer, providing you with a greener option of bed bug treatment for bed bug removal.

How to get rid of bed bugs using steam treatment for bed bugs

Pesticon’s bed bugs control services: Apart from chemical-based bed bug treatment, we also offer steaming as one of the ways to get rid of bed bugs. Steaming is exceptionally well liked, by clients who are prone to allergic reactions, or those facing hypersensitivity issues. Steaming is an extremely safe process, where water is vaporised into steam by heat. This highly heated steam will then be directed, at the harbourages of the bed bugs and their eggs, killing them almost instantaneously. However, such a process of bed bug heat treatment is not without its limits. Its killing ability stops the moment it’s switched off. After which, no form of active or passive bed bugs control is in force. This is a far cry from chemical control. Residual bed bug spray offers 24 hours of killing power, for months after application. To balance the scales and get optimal benefits from both control methods, we now offer the 2 in 1 bed bug treatment method. Call us to learn more.

Bed bug pest control Singapore

Among the common pests that people encounter, bed bugs are undeniably the top few detestable ones. As one of the top-rated pest control companies in Singapore, let us share why:

They draw blood – These insects instinctively seek us out to feed on our blood. While it is true that mosquitoes suck blood too. However, the chance of you being bitten by mosquitoes, in an enclosed bedroom is far lesser as compared to you, staying in a bedroom infested with bedbugs. For mosquitoes, you can still carry out simple exclusion methods, like shutting the windows and plugging in your anti-mosquito liquid diffuser. For bed bugs, we suggest that you sleep in another uninfested room.

Your housekeeping means little to them – As a homeowner, you have always been advised to keep your place clean and tidy to deter pests. I am sure that you have been told, to remove all sources of food and water before you rest for the night, declutter your home and even doing simple improvement works like sealing the bin chute, cracks and crevices. These tips are excellent. However, they offer little help to eradicate bedbugs. It’s true that by removing clutter, you are reducing the harbourages for bedbugs, but the problem is still not solved. If the infestation is heavy, you can remove all furniture and still find them hanging out on the walls, in power sockets and crevices.

You can’t do much to prevent an infestation – For cockroaches, ants and rodents you can carry out integrated pest management to control them. You can even prevent their entry by sealing entry points. For bedbugs, there is little that you can do, to prevent them from infesting your home. Bedbugs are known to infest public transport and other public places. Hence the likelihood of encountering bedbugs, just about anywhere is real.

Increased resistance to insecticides – They are tougher to kill as compared to other blood-sucking insects. As far as we are concerned, insects like fleas and ticks usually do not require, any specialised chemicals to control. Whereas for bedbugs, we make sure we use the best and proven insecticides, that we can lay our hands on. For more information about their increase in resistance, please read our bedbugs page here.

Property defacement & degradation – Apart from termites, bed bug infestation is one of the main reasons, why homeowners dispose of furniture following a pest infestation. The faecal stains & undesirable odour, usually result in homeowners giving up their furniture. Although treated, some owners still maintain their stance. When questioned, most of them revealed that they want a “fresh start”. It’s clear that even after the infestation has been eradicated, some owners still have to deal with emotional scarring and additional expense to refurbish their property. Being such tough pest to eliminate, it’s little wonder that chemical giants and vendors, develop an extensive myriad of products just to tackle them. Such products include, but not limited to high potency residual spray, pheromone traps, heat chambers and steamers. Over the past decade, bed bug steamers have gotten increasingly popular in Singapore, probably arising from the consumers’ increased preference for going green.

Pest control services – Bed bug steamer Singapore

Bed bug steamers have become quite popular with consumers, as they are one of the fastest way to get rid of bed bugs, without the use of any chemicals. There are a few different brands of steamers in the market, that specialise in steam treatment for bed bugs. Amongst them, the Cimex Eradicator made a name for itself, as a dedicated steamer to kill bed bugs. Since no chemical is used with this steamer, it’s an extremely safe option. Its ability to kill 100% of bed bug eggs in a single pass, is totally incredible for a treatment this safe. This combination of factors makes Cimex Eradicator, particularly suitable for treating areas, where skin contact is unavoidable. For example, mattresses, headboards, sofa, etc.

Bed bug steamer Singapore (Cimex Eradicator) – Notable features

  • Kills bed bugs and disinfect treated surfaces simultaneously

  • Optional HPMed solution to eradicate bed bugs odour

  • A 2nd heating element in the gun to produces super-heated steam

  • Max 180 degree Celsius gun tip temperature (among the highest in the market)

  • Dry steam to reduce the likelihood of mould forming on wet surfaces

  • Wide area nozzle to reduce bugs dispersion

Bed bug control services Singapore

We utilise technologically advanced equipment, synonymous with leading pest control companies in Singapore. Hence if you need any professional advice or services for your bed bug treatment, please feel free to call us at 8800-7378 (8800-PEST) for more information. We will be more than happy to assist you.