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How to get rid of bed bugs through Pesticon’s pest control services?

Our bed bug treatment: Intensive visual bed bug inspection will be carried out, to locate the bed bugs and their habitual dwelling place. Once located, we will employ aerosol and residual bed bug spray as the main treatment method. Targeted and perimeter spraying will be carried out. Ultra-low volume (ULV) misting may also be simultaneously deployed. Commonly targeted areas include, but not limited to mattress seams, furniture joints, carpeted areas, skirtings, sofa, cracks and crevices. As an integral part of our bed bugs control services, clients may be required to carry out works, based on our customised bed bug treatment preparation checklist. A non-exhaustive list of such works includes vacuuming, steaming, cleaning and sealing of infested premises & artefacts. The dual action solution we use for residual spraying, is a proven 5 stars rated bed bug insecticide. It has excellent knockdown ability and long-lasting effects with an extended period of protection (3 months). Both the active ingredients in the solution are from different chemical groups, thus providing superior control even for resistant strains of bed bugs. The synergistic effect of both chemicals, apart from circumventing insecticidal resistance, also causes hyperexcitation of the nervous systems and eventually death of the bed bugs.

For those who think they have bed bug bites or are not sure if they have any bed bug infestation, bed bug traps should be installed to enhance detection. This is especially true when the infestation is mild, and a visual bed bug inspection might not offer sufficient reliability. Usually, the bed bug bite symptoms appear quite similar. As compared to bites from mosquitoes, bed bug bites look like welts (red bumps), that form up nicely in a straight line. For those who suffer from allergic reactions or other medical conditions after receiving any bites, please seek bed bug bites treatment at the nearest medical centre.

Pest control services Singapore (Bed bug removal)

Other than chemical-based residual spraying, Pesticon also offers steam treatment for bed bugs. Click here to learn more.

Bed bug control Singapore

Goodnight, ѕlеер tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite. Many of us grew up hearing this old rhyme, but little did we know how true this expression would bесоmе. Bedbugs have made a fast соmеbасk and bed bug problem is inсrеаѕinglу соmmоn tоdау. Exреrtѕ bеliеvе that the recent rise in encounter with bed bugs, may be due to the increase in affordable transnational travel, lack of knowledge in preventing infestations and inеffесtivе bed bugs control рrасtiсеѕ. There’s bееn a lot of misunderstanding аbоut what causes bed bugs, how to kill bed bugs and how to prevent bed bugs.

Bed bugs Singapore

Bed bugs are parasitic insects with special mouth-parts, which help them draw blood from their victims. Their usual victims consist of warm-blooded animals, but they prefer humans. In Singapore, we are dealing with the Tropical Bed Bugs (Cimex Hemipterus) and not the Common Bed Bugs (Cimex Lectularius). Bedbugs are dorsoventrally flattened and oval-shaped insects that resemble apple seeds. The Adult bed bug is approximately 5.5 mm long, wingless and has ѕix lеgѕ. Their colouration ranges from bronze tо reddish brown. Bed bugs do not fly but crawl quickly over flооrѕ, walls and сеilingѕ. Armed with a survival instinct, they spread readily, usually stay out of sight and while they are not completely nocturnal, they are elusive during the day. Bed bugs are growing increasingly resistant to a multitude of insecticides, due to their improved resistance mechanism. Namely, the thickening of their exoskeletons, the higher activity level of their detoxification enzymes and also point mutation in their para-type sodium channels. The female bedbug lays an approximate 200 – 500 eggs in a lifetime. If the conditions are favourable, the eggs usually hatch in a week. Bedbugs seldom live past a year, moreover, if they are deprived of their blood meal, they usually survive less than 6 months. Bed bug infestation can be disastrous. If the infestation spreads over a large area, a few visits may be required to eradicate it. Therefore, even if the slightest trace of bed bug infestation is found, professional help should be sought to provide assistance as soon as possible.

Health risks: There is no evidence that bed bugs spread diseases to humans, however scratching a bite can sometimes lead to skin infection. Bedbug victims often suffer from anxiety disorder and insomnia. Victims may also suffer from entomophobia, due to the constant state of worrying and being stressed out. The social stigma of unsightly bite scars may also cause victims to be conscious about their attire.

Property damages: Bedbugs infested areas usually have an unpleasant smell to it. The defacement of surfaces (walls, mattresses, furniture, etc) due to their faecal spots makes matters worse. Even though treated furniture and fixtures are safe to use, most homeowners would rather throw them away. Some even repaint to cover up the black spots that are synonymous with bedbugs. All levels of socioeconomic status are vulnerable to bedbugs. Even hotels with the highest hygiene standard are not safe from bed bug infestation.

Information on bedbugs – FAQs

Where do bed bugs come from?

As their name suggests, Tropical Bedbugs are found mainly in the tropical regions of the world, where it is warm and humid. While it’s hard to pinpoint the exact continent or country of origin, we know that bedbugs started with infesting bats living in caves.

Do bed bugs have wings and can bed bugs fly?

No, they are 6-legged insects that move around by crawling. However, they are known to fall from the ceiling, giving us an impression that they fly.

Are bed bugs visible and can you see bed bugs?
Sure, you can definitely spot an adult bed bug which is reddish brown in colour resembling an apple seed. However, baby bed bugs are a little tougher to spot.

How to identify bed bugs?
Baby bed bugs are usually translucent with a goldish tinge to it. As they grow and moult, they will start acquiring a brownish hue. The abdomens of baby bed bugs that had fed recently will start taking on the deep red of its blood meal.

How big are bed bugs?
The adult male bedbug is usually around 5.5 mm long and the adult female bedbug is slightly longer at 6.5 mm.

Can you see bed bug eggs and what do bed bug eggs look like?
Yes, the eggs can be seen by the naked eyes. Bed bug eggs are approximately 1 mm long, ivory coloured and resemble miniature rice.

How do you get bed bugs in your house?
This must be the most common question, that we as the bed bug exterminator hear all the time. The answer is hitchhiking. Bed bugs are notorious hitchhikers. They move around by hitching a ride on you and your belongings. Well, to say it simply, bed bugs are like the maestros of concealment. That’s why you usually only see the signs of bed bugs, instead of the bedbugs themselves.

Are bed bugs contagious?
Yes, if you are referring to their ability to spread readily. However, for you to have an infestation from an infested place, you must have contact with the bed bugs, and bring back either the live specimens or their eggs.

Where do bed bugs hide?
Bed bugs hide practically anywhere, although they show a strong preference for small gaps, sofas, beds, mattresses, trunkings, power points and frayed wallpaper. Оbjесtѕ in close proximity to the site of infestation (within 8ft from the host), usually has the highest concentration of bed bugs.

Does kerosene kill bed bugs?
Yes, provided a good part of the bedbug is coated by kerosene. Imagine the effort you have to put in, to drench every nook & cranny of the affected areas. Moreover, kerosene’s obnoxious smelling property, coupled with its flammability and toxicity, makes it an undesirable chemical to use for bed bug control.

Does heat kill bed bug eggs?
Yes, very thorough in fact. Please refer to our bed bug steamer page here.

Does bed bug spray work?
Yes and no. Most of the bed bug insecticide spray available to consumers, are repellents and contact killers. They repel and kill bedbugs upon contact. While they do repel, their killing abilities are not as long lasting as their professional counterparts. You have to re-apply them ever so often, making the task of doing so a hazardous one. Imagine having to spray insecticides around your beds, furniture and mattresses on a regular basis. Their repelling effect also cuts both ways. Bedbugs affected by such chemicals may be driven deeper into their hiding places, making total eradication tougher. Their contact killing property also means, users have to ensure that the insecticides, come into contact with the bedbugs for them to work. Since its unlikely that a home user would douse the whole bedroom (including all cracks & crevices) with insecticides, their contact killing power is limited. Further to that, the repelling effect of such insecticides, deters bedbugs from crawling over pre-sprayed surfaces, leading to an extended period of hideout. Such an occurrence may grant the users, a false sense of hope, only for the bedbugs to re-emerge later. Using such insecticides, soon become a see and shoot affair with dwindling hope.

Bed bugs symptoms (Finding bed bugs)

The first step in knowing if you have an existing bed bug infestation and if bed bug treatment iѕ needed, is to confirm the signs of bed bugs in your place. Finding the bed bug infestation early, will be extremely beneficial in ending it quickly before it worsens.

  • Bedbug bites are an indication of their рrеѕеnсе. These bedbugs bites usually appear as little red bumps lined up in a straight line.

  • Dark coloured faесаl ѕроtѕ appearing on mattresses, at the seams of mattresses and bed joints. Thеѕе droppings are usually deposited shortly after the bedbugs feed, and in often times bleed into the fabric just like a felt tip marker pen would.

  • Blood smears on mattresses. This happens when you flip and roll on the bed, crushing newly fed bed bugs and causing them to squirt blood.

  • Pale yellow shedded skins. Thеѕе are the left-over skins of the bugs after they moult. Nymphs moult 5 times before maturing.

  • The presence of bed bug eggs is a sure sign. These 1 mm long bedbugs eggs, look like miniature rice and are usually found loosely clustered, along the edges and at the corner of their harbourage sites.

  • Sighting of tan coloured bugs scurrying about, when lights are turned on after dark or finding live specimens resting, at the edge of beds or mattresses.

  • A sweet musty odour.

Bed bug services Singapore

You are probably wondering how to deal with bed bugs? Seek professional help or do it yourself? Without second thoughts, we suggest professional help. When you choose to DIY, the odds are stacked against you. While we are not advocating that DIY is a sure fail, but most people just resort to throwing out their mattresses. That’s not an appropriate method. Firstly, bed bugs don’t just stay on your mattresses. They could be hiding anywhere in your bedroom. It’s almost impossible and not cost effective to toss out all your stuff. Secondly, throwing untreated mattresses might just cause infestation to spread (remember their hitchhiking ability) and understandably your neighbours would not be too happy about it. Other than throwing mattresses, we have heard of old folks dabbing kerosene on infested areas and the bugs themselves. Kerosene being a strong-smelling oil-based solvent, not only kills bed bugs but also repels them. However, its toxicological profile is less than ideal. Inhalation of its fumes can be fatal if the exposure limit is breached. Kerosene is not the only chemical used by people who DIY. Most of the off-the-shelf insecticides from DIY stores are pyrethroid-based. This is the very same class of insecticide that bed bugs have grown resistant to. Some of these DIY efforts may be marginally effective when the infestation has just started. However, when the infestation spreads, the initial delight of DIY treatment soon fades, and the hope of a total eradication begins to fall by the wayside. Most often than not, the success rates of DIY bed bugs control are quite low.

Bed bugs facts

While bedbugs may be abhorrent. There is no doubt that these critters are resilient survivors, and getting rid of them completely can be quite an arduous task. Let’s find out more about them, for it pays to know your adversary.

  • Traumatic insemination
    Bed bugs copulate when the males stick their genitalia, into the females’ abdominal cavity. These acts are being carried out so forcefully, that it’s not uncommon for females to have mating scars. During the copulation process, sperm is being injected through the wound, and into the abdominal cavity for fertilization later.

  • Proboscis feeding
    Much like butterflies, bed bugs feed using proboscis as well. One of the notable difference is, butterflies roll up their proboscises, while bed bugs tuck them underneath their bodies and extend them during feeding, just like a flick knife in action.

  • Bed bugs are little anaesthesiologists
    Most of the time, people do not feel anything when the bed bugs bite. That’s because the saliva of the bed bugs contains a multitude of abilities. It contains an anaesthetic, which numbs the bite site, a vasodilating agent that widens our blood vessels and anti-coagulant to ensure a smooth flow of blood during feeding.

  • Bed bugs don’t feed every day
    Bed bugs generally finish their meals within 10 minutes, after which they are off to their favourite corner to digest their meals. They don’t feed every day. They only return to feed, after they have digested their meals approximately 1 week later.

  • Night feeder?
    While bed bugs usually bite after midnight and stop biting before dawn. They are not exclusive night biters. Depending on your sleeping habits, they will change their feeding time to cater accordingly.

  • Elusive biters
    Studies have shown that some people do not react to bed bugs bites, and the usual signs of bed bugs bites don’t apply to this group of people. Even for those who react to the bites, reaction time varies from a few days to two weeks.

  • Mis-diagnosed bites
    Bites from bed bugs are commonly misdiagnosed as other medical conditions. Do seek multiple points of view before commencing any expensive medical or cosmetics treatment.

  • Colour preference
    Research have shown that bed bugs have strong colour preferences. Black and red are their favourites.

  • Good climbers?
    Bed bugs are known to climb glass surfaces. However, it’s likely that such surfaces are angled or dusty, hence providing a foothold for the bugs. Regardless of the likelihood, we prefer to assume that bed bugs are adept climbers, and bug proof smooth-walled containers by taping them.

  • Ultrasonic repellents
    Plugin, cop out. How nice. Many are deceived by the claims of these devices. There are studies to show that they simply don’t work. We have seen these devices in our clients’ place as well. Let’s be real. If they worked, we wouldn’t be there.

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