Genus® Illume™ Alpha

Genus® Illume™ Alpha

Stylish design to blend in with front-of-house areas

The Genus® Illumé Alpha is an insect light trap styled to blend seamlessly with elegant, front-of-house décor. Ideal for restaurants and hotel lobbies, the Illumé Alpha operates silently, discreetly attracting flies to its large-capacity glue board.

  • Modern-styled light fixtures available in black, white, stainless steel and brass
  • Easy servicing with no tools required
  • Two 15W bulbs using either black light or black light blue lamps for increased insect attraction


Product Models & Specifications for Genus® Illume Alpha
Order Code:
Genus® Illume Alpha Black 2 x 15 W BL lamp standard
Genus® Illume Alpha Stainless 2 x 15 W BL lamp standard
Genus® Illume Alpha Brass Finish 2 x 15 W BL lamp standard
Genus® Illume Alpha White 2 x 15 W BL lamp standard
Dimensions (H:W:D)
162mm x 518mm x 68.5mm  (6.4in x 20.4in x 2.7in)
2.2kg  (5lb)
30 Watts


Usage Area:

Genus® Illume™ Alpha is suitable for the following applications

Restaurants: Bar area/tight space | Dining area
Food Processing Plants: Changing / Locker Rooms | Employee dining areas | Tight space
Food Stores: Employee Break Areas
Healthcare: Care wards | Public areas
Offices: Public/common areas | Dining areas
Hotels / Motels: Bedrooms | Public areas
Residential: Kitchens
Cinemas / Theatres / Arenas / Stadiums: Changing / Locker Rooms | Storage Areas | Food Service & Concession Areas
Gymnasiums: Food Service Areas | Workout Areas
Prisons / Penal Facilities: Food Service / Kitchen Areas | Staff Areas
Schools / Educational Institutions: Student Housing | Dining Areas
Doctor’s / Dentist’s Offices: Treatment Areas | Public Areas



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