Genus® Cobra

Genus® Cobra

Premium insect light trap optimised for greater UV light propagation

The Genus® Cobra is the first insect light trap to utilise Brandenburg’s Translucent Technology™, which enables it to catch more flies faster while using less electricity.

Maximised UVA output, along with easy servicing and low running costs, have made the Genus Cobra a reliable standard in the insect control industry.

  • Delivers 2.4x UVA output of conventional ILTs, resulting in 186% more flies caught
  • Quick-release front cover for fast and easy servicing
  • Low running costs and reduced CO2 emissions


Product Models & Specifications for Genus® Cobra
Order Code:
Genus® Cobra Translucent 3 x 15 W lamp standard
Genus® Cobra Translucent 3 x 15 W lamp sleeved
Dimensions (H:W:D)
344mm x 528mm x 128mm  (13.5ins x 21.3ins x 5.0in)
4kg  (8.81lbs)
45 Watts


Usage Areas

Genus® Cobra is suitable for the following applications

Restaurants: Food preparation area | Trash area | Storage area | Kitchen Area
Food Processing Plants: QC Laboratories | Packaging areas | Warehouse area | Trash area | Storage area | Dry production area
Food Stores: Bakeries | Warehouse/receiving areas | Deli/meat/fish produce
Healthcare: Non-public areas | Care wards | Storage areas | Receiving/delivery areas
Offices: Receiving areas
Hotels / Motels: Non-public areas | Storage | Kitchen/food preparation | Trash | Receiving /delivery areas
Cinemas / Theatres / Arenas / Stadiums: Trash Areas | Storage Areas | Food Service & Concession Areas
Gymnasiums: Food Service Areas
Prisons / Penal Facilities: Food Service / Kitchen Areas | Staff Areas
Schools / Educational Institutions: Kitchen / Food Prep Areas
Doctor’s / Dentist’s Offices: Laboratory Areas


Consumables for Genus® Cobra
CategoryConsumable ItemDescriptionPackagingOrder Code
UV Lamps15W – T8Standard25 per case211525-00


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