CONTRO 30 Insect Light Trap

CONTRO 30 Insect Light Trap

This insect light trap is designs to avoid the possibility of fly fall-out, efficient operating costs and outstanding performance. With a unique UV combination and advanced adhesive technology, catching flies is easier.

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The Contro 30 series is defined by its modern appearance, highly effective performance and versatility, a unique concept in insect control that has been developed and effectiveness proven and it is the key characteristic that defines the Contro 30, the unique stainless steel cover reduces the glaringness and hence giving it a soft and graceful appearance of the units.

To meet the needs of the client, The Contro 30 achieves the perfect blend of discreet aesthetics and efficacy with a contemporary stainless steel cover. The unit commercial is suitable for front of house areas where hygiene and discretion are paramount.


Compatible products
Sticky Pads : Fly Sticky Pad Type 2 – Black / White
UV tubes : UV Tube – 15w – Hitachi
: UV Tube – 15w – Shatterproof 
Technical Specifications
Dimension : 295 x 500 x 75 mm
Weight : 4.8 Kgs
Coverage : 120 m2
Electrical Input Voltage : 220 – 240V
Sticky Pads : Fly Sticky Pad Type 2 – Black / White
UV tubes : 2 x 15 watts
Warranty : Two ( 2 ) years


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